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About Us

Pack On Pack is an order management solution for wholesale providers with frequent orders to retailers such as cafes, restaurants, speciality shops, franchises, branches, outlets, etc. It is a great alternative to using papers and worksheets, it also offers a seamless experience without the complication that are usually associated with corporate solutions. It is mostly suitable for:

  • Wholesale Artisan Bakeries
  • Sweets And Pastry Providers
  • Fresh Food And Flower Providers
  • Meat, Fish and Dairy Providers
  • Any Wholesale Providers With Regular Orders


Here are some of the features that our users like the most

Centralized solution

Manage orders, production sheets and customer invoices in the same place

Customer Access

Customers can login and manage their orders from any device up to your predefined cut off time

Recurring Orders

Setup regular orders on a weekly basis, and the system will re-order products automatically in due time

Automate Production

Easily generate the sheets needed for your production line such as Recipes, Packaging, Delivery, Invoices, etc.

Comprehensive Dashboard

Clearly view all your customers and if they placed and/or confirmed their orders for the day


View past and future orders and easily distinguish spikes in orders and sales

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Our aim is to provide a first-class solution that is seamless and within reach of every wholesale provider regardless of their location and line of business. We are looking forward to share our skills and passion and to showcase what a great addition this system can be to your business. We will set you up and work closely with you to make sure that the solution can accomodate all your specific needs and requirements. And we will present you with a solution based on your operation size and location. And most importantly, one that can provide a great return on investement for your business.

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